Hikoichi Kurama
Membership(s) FAW
Fighting style Pro Wrestling

Hikoichi Kurama, the prised pupil of the Great Tatsumi. He is a rising star in the Pro-wrestling world.

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Professional Wrestler - Kurama is a highly skilled pro wrestler, skilled in various holds, throws, takedowns, submissions and strikes. He can easily overpower other martial artists with only simple moves. He is also a natural athlete, while in secondary school he was able to out perform his senior in the 100 yard dash while wearing his school uniform and regular shoes. And, he later broke records in 9 of the decathlon events. The only reason he didn't break the last one (the pole vault) was because the pole broke during the pole vault, which only happens if the weight or power of the athlete is too much for the pole to bare. His talent isn't only limited to athletics however, he can also repeat complex martial arts moves after seeing them only once, without any practice or training.

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