Hatanaka Kaizo
Fighting style Greco-Roman Wrestling
Hatanaka Kaizo, an Olympic level Greco-Roman Wrestler.

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Greco-Roman Wrestler- As an Olympic level wrestler, Hatanaka Kaizo is quite skilled in this style of wrestling, and is able to use all of its techniques. Since Greco-Roman Wrestling doesn't allow holds below the waist, all of its techniques focus on the upper body. This puts more emphases on moves like arm drags, bear hugs, headlocks and variations of the suplex. He is also very strong and well conditioned. As part of his training he has wrestled in cold environments to improve blood circulation and grip, practiced throws on large oil cans full of water, etc. He also had a proper training environment and nutritional meals to make sure he was healthy and to prevent injury. As a wrestler, he is also quite flexible and dexterous, making more able to wrestle without injuring himself.

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