Crybaby Sakura
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Fighting style Grappling based
Crybaby Sakura, the former champion of the no holds barded underground fighting circuit that Tatsumi fought in.

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Monster - Sakura is a monster, both physically and morally. He is inhumanly strong, being able to lift up grown men like they are children and effortlessly twist a mans head 160 degrees. He can easily dislocate a persons joints, even without directly touching them. He has also shown to be quite ruthless in his fight with Tatsumi, not allowing him to give up even after breaking his legs and one of his arms. Despite being blind, he is actually more aware of his surroundings than most people, he has even stated that his remaining senses are 20 times more acute that the regular person. Often, he can develop a full 3d picture of a person within moments of meeting them, even "seeing" a full x-ray of their body. Contrary to what his size and strength implies, he doesn't rely on brute strength to win his matches. He actually has a variety of techniques. He is skilled in various joint locks, takedowns and strikes, making hims a well rounded fighter.

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